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Sex: F
Data Quality: 0 stars
MS: 8 yrs
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Mild
Cognition: moderate
Vision: moderate
Speech: moderate
Swallowing: mild
Upper limb: mild
Walking: moderate


Female, 49 years
Tucson, AZ

Primary condition
MS and 1 more
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About STB

I am a 42 year old mother with MS and my daughter has Cerebral Palsy. I used to be Director of Business Development working three figure jobs and now I am happy to get up an be able to mop the kitchen floor. I am happily married to my muse, if it wouldn't be for my husband or my daughter sometimes I just don't know how I could keep it together. I am an optomistic person with high energy who tends to do too much and burn myself out. Having a hard time adjusting to moderation.


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  1. Osteoporosis
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