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Sex: F
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MS: 10 yrs
Relapse: Moderate
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Moderate
Cognition: moderate
Vision: mild
Speech: mild
Swallowing: moderate
Upper limb: moderate
Walking: moderate


Female, 42 years
marshall, MI

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Hello i'm 33 from michigan i have 5 kids ages 12,11,9,4 and 4 months. i first had a scare when i was 3 months pregnant i woke with my whole left side numb after a few weeks it started goiung away but went all away at 6 weeks i had an MRI and they found 5 white spots and thought for sure it was MS well i wouldn't accept it so i went to another doctor and he no it wasn't but then 9 months leter i work up and i couldn't control my left hand and it was numb i was dizzy and having a hard time walking and slept alot so i went to the ER and they did another MRI more spots they put me in the hospital the first few days i don't remember nothing but while there i had alot of test the spinal tap was they worse one all my test came back good so i'm confused is this really MS? well after going home the next days i was back at the ER my nerves are back and the kids fighting mad me sick but i got to go home that day 3 weeks later i woke up and my left side was ok but a little numbess in my left hand well just my fingers but my whole right side was numbe and then from my waste down couldn't control my arm so i went to the ER ended up in the hospital yet again after having another MRI and CT scan more white spots plus a stroke but still have the numbness in my body i have to go to rehab to get the streigth back in my arm and hand hopeing this numbness won't last much longer but the doctor is treating me for MS but said he is 99% sure thats what it is i'm wondering now because i went to the eye doctor and said that most of the time they are the first ones to find MS inpeople because the sight is what gets messed up first he said i have no signs of any problems with my eyes i have 20/20 so really is it MS or could this be something else??Undecided


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