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Sex: M
Data Quality: 1 star
PD: 10 yrs
Hoehn-Yahr 1 Type: Parkinson's disease Off
Mouth/throat: mild
Arms: mild
Chest: mild
Legs: mild


Male, 60 years
north attleboro, MA

Primary condition
Parkinson's disease
First symptom
Advocacy, Alternative Medicine and 5 more
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About patsfan

PLays hard and works hard. THe loves of my life are family and friends especially my wife Gail, and children Ben, Danielle and Zach.....Plus Ashley, Susan and Olivia......right behind them are the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics!!! I did not ask for this PD ( I am sure nobody did!! ) but now that I have it I am going to work my butt off to find a cure. IT has already made me look at things differently and truly start to appreciate the little things in life. I pray every day I can support my family as my journey unfolds....today is just another page, tomorrow another chapter..


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