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Female, 30 years
new egypt, NJ

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Lyme disease and 5 more
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About LoOkiN

Hello, my name is Amanda, I have been suffering with health issues for a long time. I am trying to manage the best I can, everyday I have symptoms but they are bareable, but ever so often I get flair ups and they make everyday life harder. My issues are chronic hard to diagnose which one is causing the problem and therefor leads to depression.

My health issues began when I was 3 years old, when I was diagnosed with stage 3 Lyme Disease, treated with multiple rounds of IV therapy. So strong that it is straightned out my hair and ruined my teeth for years, but luckily it also stopped me from being sick for years. Then when I was 13 I began having a lot of pain, anxiety, depression, headaches, concentration problems, weight loss ect. After tons of test and Dr and lots of frustration and being home bound I was diagnosed with Epsien Bahr, and chandramaltion of the knees. Tried meds for syptoms which didnt work well even after trying mulitple ones. Took over a year to get back to my so called normal. Then yet again at about 16 or 17 I became sick yet again with a ton of symptoms went through hell trying to figure it out.Tons of blood work Dr. and a LP that I had a horrible reaction from for 2 weeks. Results inconclusive that lyme was affecting my brain IV therapy. Then after time yet again went to my so callled normal with the manageable daily symptoms, couple yers later sick again, many many meds got it under control after a long fight. But here I am now and feeling like hell, with no answers. My Lyme level became elevated treated oral antibiotics, and here I am still not feeling welll. Had multiple blood workd ran up all come up within levels, x-ray, another lubar puncture. Dr says now have to treat symptoms. well that is hard symptoms so wide spride, high tolerance against meds, and trial and error is getting old. With no relief, definate answers I begin to feel like I am going to loose it. Going through all this not including the colds that last forever, the ovarion cysts that burst, pre- cancerous cervical cell, cryosurgery so much too much to handle at times and add outside stress. Trying to figure the pattern, whys,hows, of these issues is a on going fight, I fear my life will always be this way. I am still young and want to have a family one day and am now fearing that, that may not be possible. If i have a flair while pregnant, the genetic link, and after birth. Feeling extremely frustrated, upset, confused, and so many other feelings. Those of us that have these issues can relate to each other, have actually gone through it or currently are, its great help.


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