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Sex: M
Data Quality: 2 stars
ALS: 12 yrs
Ventilator Wheelchair
Bulbar: none
Arms: severe
Chest: moderate
Legs: severe


Male, 73 years
Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL

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About BeachPower

After a very active lifestyle for over 61 years, I was diagnosed with lower motor neuron disease, ALS, by Dr. Shin Oh at UAB in Birmingham, AL. My second opinion came from Dr. Eric Pioro at the Cleveland Clinic. I have accepted the diagnosis fully and have been trying to make the most of what I have left for the last 9 years.

I probably would not be alive today if it were not for my wife, who is also the love of my life, my caregiver, advocate and best friend.

Mary and I started a motorized beach wheelchair business about five years ago. We Have grown from five to currently, 21 motorized beach wheelchairs in rental service. We are now able to get from 600 to 700 people with limited mobility to the beach every year.

We feel called to do what we do and will not stop until we are no longer aable. I am a true believer that this little business has had a great influence  on not only the quality but also the longevity of my life. I would encourage all of you to find something that you are passionate about and pursue it. 

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Military Service

Status: I previously served
Branch: Army
Rank: O-2 - 1LT
Occupation/rating: 13A: Field Artillery Officer


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