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Female, 60 years
Austin, TX

Fibromyalgia and 2 more
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About DDMarie

worked hard for 30 years. In 03/divorce, had 1 bad viral infection, then 2 more, then rotator cuff tear in 04. arm started w/FMS & has spread to rest of upper body over last 5 years. never found a truly compassionate rheumy. They don't want to call it Fibro: "You don't want to have that" Also Diagnosed with "probable Lupus" in July 06. If I could take prednisone all the time, I would feel like a normal person. As it is, to work FT this regimine works for me: Alleve 3XD, 1/2 Vico. 4XD, & Lyrica 2XD; also sleeping med and IBS med. I walk during work day, I rest from 7p-6a.


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