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Female, 58 years
Modesto, CA

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About foottraffic

I currently live in Modesto, CA and have been awarded SSI and have medicare/medical now.  I have taken up few new crafts to fill the day.  I started sewing again, quilting and just learned how to loom knit.  Now that pain is pretty well under control, I am more active, not exercise active yet, but getting out of the house active.  I have joined a mental health program which has changed my life!  I have benefited by having my medical care and mental health care in the same office.  I have discovered that there is a connection between medical and mental healing.  As always, heating pad, tens unit and pacing myself are my 'go to' when pain gets the better of me.  Enjoy, live, love and laugh!

I have recently located to Ceres, CA from Virginia Beach VA. This new path has new adventures such as doctors who think your crazy, trying exciting new medicines and my favorite, 'stretching a dollar'. I have brought my friend, Fibromyalgia. It was a sure bumpy road becoming friends. We spent many hours in bed together. We practice tying knots with our muscles, games like "what else can hurt", 'who's will is it anyway?' and my favorite "let's challenge others patience!". Life is full of suprises, sunrises, sunsets and afternoon delight; all have new meanings.


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