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Female, 45 years
higdon, AL

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Fibromyalgia and 5 more
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About MomaK

I was diagnosed about 14 years ago i am 44yr old mom. I have one child a daughter who recently married in Dec. 2013. I have been working 26years and 18 of those years in the medical field, the long hours the long drive 45min one way and my daily struggle to just keep up is all over as of July 2011 and I did not want to leave my career of 18+years but I with everything i had going on health wise,dr appt,surgery, not being able to get there on time and having to miss days due to illness. I really hated to have to leave but now that i have I realize it is something i should have done a lot sooner. And to put the icing on the cake no one i work with co workers,supervisors they did not care all they cared about is that i showed up,they just want my warm body there ,dead or alive they just wanted me there. and after 18+years i have not heard any thing from anyone . nothing, no how are you. are you ok. are you dead nothing. I would like to find work i have worked since i was 15 and staying at home is not for me but right now i have been thrown and curve ball. All i can say to anyone is NEVER say NEVER because you do not know what the future has in store for you.surprised emoticonapplied for disability 2011 still in progress. 2016 still working on getting disability and iv had other health issues arise since then. Now they are telling me if I get it they are only going back to 2014 not 2011 when my disability kicked me in the butt to the point I could no longer work. It's a Very Hard Aggravating Process to say the least.


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