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Female, 37 years
AK, United States

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About nativerightsinak

I have struggled with P.T.S.D. all my life, along with severe depression since age 2yrs, due to my mothers tragic death, following my father at age 8yrs. Due to these two factors, made poor decions to drink while age 14 to 18, but have been sober ever since. Upon deciding to change my life around, getting clean & sober, I started feeling the underlying pain at 18yrs, in my neck, shoulders, muscles along shoulder blades, and my back. I just thought it was normal. After my second pregnancy, my condition was triggered to full blown, but thought it was from the pregnancy.

Getting D.R.'s to find the right treatment has been inpossible. The stressful impact triggers more flares, severe depression, more anxiety, heart palputations, more pyschological distress, more lonliness, had contributed to more suicide ideation, feeling like I should crawl in my bathroom to dye. I am currently waiting to see if I qualify for Alaska Legal Services for a disability & medical lawyer. I have many nurological problems I have been trying to get addressedCry I am completly on my own representing myself.


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