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Gender: F
Data Quality: 3 stars
Major Depressive Disorder
Depression: 2
Mania: 0
Emotional: 0
Anxiety: 1
Compulsion: 0
External Stress: Severe
Rx Therapy
61 F
Function: Moderate
Distress: Low


Female, 61 years
Timbucktu, CA

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About corkey3160

I am struggling with the after effects of a life that has not been lived because of my Mother's Borderline Personality Disorder.  I can change with these tools. These tools have given me a deeper understanding of how deep my struggle is and how much I have been in denial due to bad habits. Perhaps, denial is a good thing at time when it comes to pain. When we don't have the tools we need like PLM to provide insights that allow us to move to another level of growth we will continue to struggle.


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