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Female, 56 years
Philadelphia, PA

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Fibromyalgia and 2 more
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About debburdsall

had a severe car accident in 1984 and was told that I would have arthritis like problems later in life--i thought they meant when i was old,,not at the age of 35 which is how old i was when i was diagnosed with FMS.I was a nurse, and i still am but this DX turned my whole life upside down and 15 years later I'm still dealing with it and all the problems that come with it.The Start of the symptoms was what I thought was a flu-only the Flu wouldn't go away.

2009--Well,it seems that lately i have been having a lot of balance problems,I seem to be stumbling and falling a lot--i just trip over nothing. Memory problems are also increasing. I wonder if this is related to taking the Lyrica.


It's now Oct 2009 and my life has fallen completely apart. I stopped work the end of Aug and moved in with my son and his family. It's getting dangerous to live alone with all the problems fibro and the overlapping symptoms i'm dealing with. to many reason's why-depression and anxiety started getting really bad Dec 2008, The Anxiety is so bad that I would wake up and be terrified and not know of what. At first I thought it was just stress from the job,But it continued and was persent on even the days I was off. And continues to be a problem-like I'm afraid to face another day..Depression is also that I cant make it a whole day with out at least several crying bouts,and thoughts that I just want to crawl into a whole and disappear for good,the worst part of all is hearing people talk about me,and critasize me, it really hurts to know that people especially my own family think i'm so worthless. Not to mention hw forgetfull i am ,I cant even remember something a few minutes after i was told.People think i just woke up one morning decided to stop working. What they dont understand is that I'm not a safe nurse if i cant remember a Doctor's order 2 seconds after he/she told me.  I cant remember if i took my own medications how am i supposed to remember if i gave a patient their's, that would or could be a deadly mistake. One I cant afford to make. On top of the memory proplems I get to through in not just the forgetfulness but also the confusion-where i cant keep my train of thoughtand my mind jumps from one thing to another--  Then i have the constant fibro pain, muscles spasms in my lower back that it stops me in my tracks. It 's like I cant get rid of the pain no matter what I do.Sit,stand,lay it all hurts and there's no relief. I feel like my life is a harrible rollercoaster ride.

Dec 2009- seeing a Psycologist, therapist and started new meds since now i'm on welfare and they dont cover lyrica-had to start neurotin,but over all i do feel a little better, and balance problems arent as bad, but I continue to have memory problems.


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