Atrovent Nasal

kitkat2055's Atrovent Nasal History (Ongoing)
Atrovent Nasal (ipratropium)
0.06 g Daily Sep 25, 2009 - Last Update

kitkat2055's Atrovent Nasal is for…

  • Runny nose (rhinorrhea)

kitkat2055's side effects of Atrovent Nasal…

  • Sinus headaches Oct 3, 2009


Oct 3, 2009

  • Perceived effectiveness for Runny nose (rhinorrhea): Moderate
  • Side Effects: Mild
  • Adherence: Sometimes
  • Burden: Somewhat
Dosage: 0.06 g Daily

About Atrovent Nasal (Prescription Drug)

Atrovent nasal is a brand name product of the drug ipratropium, an anticholinergic drug. As a nasal spray, to treat runny nose associated with the common cold and allergic and nonallergic rhinitis.

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