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Female, 47 years
Latrobe, PA

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Fibromyalgia and 2 more
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About punky317

I had managable FM for 7 years before I was in a car accident that left me with 5 bulging discs (in all 3 areas of my back), a bad shoulder, and a tilted pelvis. My FM symptoms became severe almost immediately after the accident and 6 years later continue to be severe. I have a severe inflammatory type of FM, I am told. I am swollen almost constantly; muscle, and joint & nerve pain (to different degrees) constantly;moderate cold intolerance, but severe heat intolerance. My muscles can become very painful and lock up in temp. as low as 70 degrees. I feel like I have had the flu for 6 years

I continue to work as a dental hygienist, but don't know how much longer I will be able to do this.  I used to take it "one day at a time", but most days, I get through the day "one hour at a time".  I go to the grocery store over my 1-hr. lunch break at work, or I would not be able to go, because when I get home from work I cannot do anything but sit around.  I am either too tired or too sick and in pain.  I cannot go anywhere to stay overnight because I have to sleep in my tempurpedic bed.  I cannot travel in a car for more than 1/2 hour or I cannot walk well.  I cannot do any type of exercise, or I would be sick for 2 days and miss work.  I have a very hard time keeping my home clean.  I cannot hold my arms up for more than 2 or 3 min.  to fix my hair, fold laundry, etc.  My job allows me to sit, stand, or walk alternately, but is very hard on my spine, shoulders, etc.  Sometimes I try to get the simple things done on the weekends, and make myself sick for work on Monday. I can get "bruised" from wrinkles on my sheets or my pjs.  This typing is making my arm muscles pretty sore just from use.  I have fallen on a few occasions because my legs get so swollen they go numb.  I have a numb toe, my heel is numb and the entire skin on my back is numb.  I could go on and on for days with symptoms, but these are just a few of my worse ones.  I am a single mother of an 18 year old.  I have missed a lot with him because I cannot be outside, or walk far, or travel far, and I am usually always too tired and sick to go anywhere besides work.  It is an awful disease, and it really messes with your sanity. 


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