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Female, 51 years
Abilene, TX

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Fibromyalgia and 1 more
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About FibroJo

I was always known as the hardest working woman around. I led a very busy life and raised 4 kids mostly alone. I got lots of exercise and was very healthy,never had to see a doctor. All of a sudden I started having really bad heel pain,it progressed to an all over type pain in my muscles and joints. I finally went to the doctor. My primary suggested that Fibro might be the cause and sent me to a Rheumatologist. From there I have gone downhill,my pain is worse and even with tests and different doctors, nothing seems to help me. I have not working in almost a year and am so tired all the time.

I have 4 grown kids,and 2 grandchildren. I now spend mst of my time trying to feel better. Like many who have Fibro, I am still looking for answers. I feel like my symptoms suggest other problems and so far the tests suggest no clear answer,so Fibro it is. I have swelling in my feet and anles,my elbows to hands and knees to feet along with my entire spine are in pain always. I also have the tingles and go from hot to cold way too easy. I try to get exercise but the shortness of breath and pain keep me from doing as much as I like. I was on Lyrica and gained a lot of weight. I try to eat right and avoid fattening foods because I'm sure the extra 50 lbs. I carry now isn't helping anything.


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