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Sex: F
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ALS: 8 yrs
Bulbar: moderate
Arms: moderate
Chest: mild
Legs: mild


Female, 71 years
Flint, MI

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About Rainbowlady

this has bee very hard for me to accept, as I was never sick, not even a cold. I was a racewalker with lots of awards. always finishing in the top 3, until last year. I also run my own crochet business where I make baby clothes and lots of animals. I ran a daycare and still teach arts and crafts, but it really is becoming hard to do,they say I still have my talent it's just in my head now. I now have problems zipping up my coat, putting gloves , tying shoes, and anything else that uses my hands, I am finding new ways to do things, I have been my husbands caregiver for a long time.

It is great knowing I am not alone, and that I can talk to others for help in dealing with this. I just wish someone could tell me how to deal with the fact I can't be me.  All of the things and friends are very active.  What now?  I really don't like having to ask for help in doing anything.


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