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Sex: F
Data Quality: 1 star
PD: 8 yrs
Hoehn-Yahr 2 Type: parkinsonism (unknown cause) On
Mouth/throat: none
Arms: none
Chest: none
Legs: mild


Female, 65 years
Brooklyn, NY

Primary condition
Parkinsonism (unknown cause)
First symptom
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About alwayslearning

I was a NYC public school teacher for 25 years and have recently retired from teaching. I'm a fairly young retiree and PD helped me make the decision. When something so life altering happens you reevaluate your choices (thank goodness I had some.) I am now teaching and tutoring part time and I'm involved in community theater, writing, acting and directing. I now live in Brooklyn and taught and lived on the wonderful Lower East Side of Manhattan where my mother was born. I struggle to understand what's happened to me and I face it better, I think, because you - PLM- exists.


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