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HIV 10 yrs
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Male, 36 years
Omaha, NE

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About hopeful_taurian81

I'm fairly confident my body will triumph over this virus. With a little help from my fam and friends (and Atripla of course). I believe I have a purpose and I'm trying very hard to not let HIV define who I am. I'm still me and will continue to be my laughable dorky self until the end!

The hardest part for me about being poz is the loneliness associated with it. I would have thought by now people would be a little more understanding and compassionate. Many days I just want someone to give me a 'ginormous' hug and tell me it's gonna be OK. I can understand fear. It has been a barrier in my life for quite sometime, however, sometimes I force myself to suit up and jump in! I have the highest hopes for a cure one day. Until the day arrives, I will continue to be patient with researchers and for the rest of the society.


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