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abbas girl
Sex: F
Data Quality: 1 star
ALS: 7 yrs
Bulbar: mild
Arms: moderate
Chest: mild
Legs: severe

abbas girl

Female, 58 years
somewhere, MD

Primary condition
ALS and 2 more
First symptom
Dec 9, 2011
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About abbas girl

I began with footdrop on one side. For quite a while that was my only problem, followed by the rest of that leg, then the other leg. In my own progression it's been steady and very much straightforward, going up my spinal column. My most difficult period was during the wait for the diagnosis. I chose to trust the Lord with my illness, and His peace has made an enormous difference when compared to how I'd deal with this otherwise. My husband shares this peace and is my primary caregiver. Many friends from church take care of my personal care, several cook, and others shop.





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