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Rick N
Sex: M
Data Quality: 2 stars
MS: 28 yrs
Type: primary progressive
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Mild
Cognition: moderate
Vision: moderate
Speech: mild
Swallowing: mild
Upper limb: mild
Walking: moderate

Rick N

Male, 63 years
Jefferson City, MO

Primary condition
MS and 3 more
Primary progressive
First symptom
Advocacy, and Faith
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About Rick N

For so very long I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis, its burdens, , confusion , losing my mind , fear. The journey has had it's peaks and valleys , but there is a hidden realization that "all is well". A divine relationship with God comforts me in a way that did not exist before. It is a blessing that chisels character. I am a better person in spite of all the trials - Something that words can't express. After so many years with this disease, the values in life that I once thought were important are not. I live on Faith and Hope. And Win!


Advocacy, and Faith


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