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Gender: F
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Major Depressive Disorder
Depression: 3
Mania: 1
Emotional: 2
Anxiety: 3
Compulsion: 3
External Stress: Overwhelming
48 F
Function: Low
Distress: High


Female, 48 years
Hendo, NC

Primary condition
MDD and 4 more
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About pixikim

I have a wonderful daughter, and live close to and work with (manage residential/commercial properties for) my father and mother. Suffer from depression, bipolar II, OCD. Deal with physical pain(chronic pain from botched surgeries[complicated nerve damage], from ruptured appendix/appendecomy at 13 to hysterectomy at 37 with 5 surgeries in between[for ruptured ovarian cysts and removal of scar tissue that wraps around/binds my internal organs together]. Also, IBS/redundant twisted colon,arthritis,back spasms,migraines.


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