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About daybreakandnightfall

"Great wits are sure to madness allied, and to thin partitions do their bounds divide."

Well, the first thing we all have to say is, " I never thought I'd wind up typing a story about me being mentally ill." But here I am! I am Bipolar and proud. My life may be beyond difficult, but I have experienced some things that many have not. I also feel that with my misfortunate burden of illness came a bundle of gifts. From here it is a matter of learning, understanding, and controlling. Will the burden of the beast be my master today or will I domesticate him and walk carefully into the garden where my gifts grow. I am going to slowly edit and add to my bio. I intend to paste places of hope and help for me in an effort that they may as well help you if you need. First, here's an online support group. Some come and go, and others you'll find there nearly everyday. http://stepchat.com/bipolar/chat/room1.htm I will not reveal too much of my battle with my illness as I am 100 pages into a book on it. I will say, I wish I had discovered my friend many years before I was diagnosed.

 There are two ways of looking at eveything, these two poles of life in fact are the underlying reasons behind my disorder. Some times the world is so cold, dark, and empty that death seems suiting to escape it, other times the world seems to be my greatest work, please come all cherish in my glory, enjoy my works of art, however do not piss me off or you shall be cast aside as chaff. I am contsantly chasing the horizon, that beloved balanced part of life where light and dark meet, thus I am Daybreak and Nightfall. This burden may be trying at times, yet all in all it allows me to peer through the looking glass and see our world at a greater magnification.

Daybreak and NIghtfall

Floating adrift
In the stream of unconsciousness
The rhythms of my heart
They bring eternal bliss
People of the world
Let us come to co-exist
I've seen the shores of heaven
A temptation you must resist, for
If you ever wish to find it
You must not wish for it at all
For the higher we try to climb
The further we shall fall
In order to receive,
We must give it all away
One must walk into darkness
To see the light of day



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