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Sex: F
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MS: 13 yrs
Type: relapsing-remitting
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Moderate
Cognition: moderate
Vision: moderate
Speech: moderate
Swallowing: moderate
Upper limb: moderate
Walking: moderate


Female, 30 years
Eugene, OR

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I got MS when I was to young and was happy where I was in my life.........



Hello every one. My name is Maritza and heres my story. All through hs I was mostly always sad, everything would get on my nervous. I would always get these headaches that sometimes lasted for days. My junior year I was just mad that I would get the head aches and I would space out in class so I went to the doctor. I had like 3 MRI and they found nothing. They said I got headaches because of my vision so I had to get glasses


Even in college(2004) I felt depressed and still would get bad headaches. I took classes that I liked I thought I would be able to pay attention more. But the winter term I would space out in the classes and when I was talking to my friends. I would say something then forget what I was talking about. I would fall out of my chair. My friends tell me now that I would fall asleep in one of my classes but I dont remember that. I was always tired! I started feeling my arm tingly. I just thought I slept on it so it just felt asleep. Then my leg would feel tingly to. I remember one weekend when my mom went to pick me up I was complaining that one of my cheeks felt numb. The last weekend I went home I fell while taking a shower. I lost control of my bladder so I made an appt with a doctor. The doc told my parents to take me to the hospital to get a MRI.


I thought I just had to get a MRI then I would get to go back to my dorm. But after I got the MRI the docs told me and my parents that I had to stay overnight. I was in the hospital for about 3 months. I later found out that the docs first thought I had a brain tumor. They gave me all these different meds but nothing would work. A neurologist diagnosed me with a rare type of MS since everything happened so fast. The first 3ish weeks I was in the hospital I couldnt walk or talk in complete sentences and I couldnt remember my family or friends. I wasnt able to see out of my left eye. It was in '05 that I was diagnosed and I was 18 years old. I sometimes feel like why am I still alive?! Just get depressed some times. Iam on rebiff I give myself shots 3 times a week.I now can cath myself, its not hard after awhile. I started Tecfidera on October 24 2013…..I like it! Its better then shots.


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