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Female, 56 years
Palmer Lake, CO

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Parkinson's disease
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About browncat87

I have been married 25 years . We have 2 children,a boy 21, and a girl 16. I am a RN,with Parkinsons. I quit work in 2010,and am on disability but keep busy as a  stay home mom.  I try to stay healthy with walking, and swimming.  It is a bit of a chore due to trying to increase my motivation.     It is great to find this web site and see how many are"just like me" The picture is of me holding a cat at my in laws ranch in SD.  
                Both my husband and my dog are a huge source of help and encouragement to me. I had DBS 4/2008 and take about 60% of my previous medication. Activity levels are much improved, but since PD I catch everything,  I am going to join a Parkinson"s rock steady boxing and I love photography, books, birdwatching, the mountains of Colorado.  I learned that I have a large number of allergies and I hope that by taking allergy shots(just started) this will improve my overall health.   Taking meds and managing my health has turned into a full time occupation.


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