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Mikhiel Karten
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HIV 11 yrs
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Mikhiel Karten

Male, 54 years
Las Vegas, NV

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HIV and 3 more
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About Mikhiel Karten

Ive been POZ since mar 05, I was in the US Army then. So Im lucky in that all My meds are taken care of, as Im also 60% disabled from other injuries from My almost 27 yrs of service. Im 100% compliant with what ever My docs tell me Me to do.

As stated I spent almost 27yrs in the Army. I was Airborne Infantryman(Paratrooper) Sniper, Medic, and Civil Affairs Operator (Special Operations). Ive been station all over the world, did some misions in Eastern Europe, behind the Iron Curtain, and 40km into the old Soviet Union. Im also a recovering addict, I have 23 months clean now. and dont have any desire to use any more. Drugs are the main contribitor to becoming POZ. As I am a Disabled Veteran, with a 60% VA disability rating, I get ALL My meds including those for HIV, which is Atripla, for free, as well as all My other treatments.

I thought that I would make My profile a little more personal. Im also a Dark Goth, Ive always been different, and never fit in. I am also a Dark Ecletic Pagan, Devotee of The Goddessm Lilitiu/Lilith, Ishtar, Morrighan, Isis, Aphrodite/Venus. I am also studing LHP, and Chaos Magick. If there is anything more that You would like to know, just ask. May The Goddess Bless You All! Mikhiel


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