Sinemet CR

bayside's Sinemet CR History (Stopped)
Sinemet CR (carbidopa-levodopa cr)
25 mg-100 mg Daily Apr 23 - 24, 2004
Stopped Side effects too severe Apr 24, 2004

bayside's Sinemet CR is for…

  • Parkinson's Disease

bayside's side effects of Sinemet CR…

  • Allergic reaction Sep 23, 2008


Sep 23, 2008

  • Perceived effectiveness for Parkinson's Disease: Can’t tell
  • Side Effects: Severe
  • Adherence: Always
  • Burden: Very
Advice & Tips: Don't know why this happened to me - no other allergies -
Cost: $50-99 monthly

About Sinemet CR (Prescription Drug)

Sinemet CR is a controlled release preparation of Sinemet formulated to release a lower, smoother dose of L-dopa. It is sometimes taken last thing at night in order to maintain dopamine levels throughout sleep and into the morning.

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