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Sex: F
Data Quality: 1 star
MS: 23 yrs
Type: Primary Progressive
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Severe
Cognition: moderate
Vision: moderate
Speech: moderate
Swallowing: moderate
Upper limb: moderate
Walking: severe


Female, 67 years
quesnel, BC

Primary condition
MS and 1 more
Primary progressive
First symptom
Advocacy, Parenting and 2 more
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About clark49

i'm very happy to be a member here!i can't believe the amount of ms-sure changes one's life!!all my girls have left home-2 are married and i have 2 grandaughters!i sure enjoy them!!i'm a stay at home wife-to keep me company i have 2 boston terriers,they are so much fun!well i can't believe this -thats all i have to say-sure would like anyone to contact me!!clark49


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