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Sex: M
Data Quality: 1 star
ALS: 40 yrs
Bi-Pap Wheelchair Feeding tube
Bulbar: severe
Arms: severe
Chest: moderate
Legs: severe


Male, 82 years
corona, CA

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About wbear35

I was told in 1969 in army hospital I had just been evac.from vietnam was told I had brain tumor.th no MRI. had me sit in chair back wards them shot air in spine up to head take xray . We can be thank full for MRI.No tumor.Sent me back San Diego was in Navy Hospital for two years went in front panel Of doctors they said something was wrong .After another 6 months they said MS..Had ALS signs the muscle twiches showed to doctors they said nothing. Doctors over the years doctors said no MS they said some thing wrong . In 2007 my heart doctor sent me to doctor Bailey ALS


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