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Sex: M
Data Quality: 1 star
Parkinson's: 18 yrs
Hoehn-Yahr 2 Type: Parkinsonism (unknown cause) On
Mouth/throat: mild
Arms: mild
Chest: mild
Legs: mild


Male, 69 years
new brunswick, NJ

Primary condition
PD and 1 more
Parkinsonism (unknown cause)
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wss a very sucessful individual in the trucking industry had traveled all over the world, including the current war zone (early 80's) was based out of Florida held was one a few that specialized in transportation, Stopped traveling after my first son was born transfered from staff to line and transfered to Dallas turmoil all over the world , wanted me to transfer to LA,after experiencing my first earthquake I was not moving to the shaky side, left the company in 86 moved to Arkansas second son was born, company was sold my choice Chicago or New Jersey to find out what grand parents are about

I'm going to stopdoubble strkes ormore on key board  I have to put some more vital facts in place , highblood pressure dia 1994 still being treated oral med 5mg per day along comes diabetes 1997 glucavance 5?500mg 2 pills 2times a day, provigil 2 tablets a day sleep apena, lipitor 10 mg a day, budeprion xl 3 tablets a day energy,, cilostazol 100mg 1 per day cardioligest, vascular problems, lyrica 50mg 3times a day neuroligiost, trihexyphen 2mg three times a day, benicar 20-12.5 1 pill perday plus a beta blocker nadolol 20mg 1tablet twice a day add this to uter frustation lack of support my wife said tremors were the dt,s alcohol was a factor, it was till 2003, being told for the fifth time  I was told that I had PD. Ilook pack to the mid nineties  when  a drink at lunch and a larazpan took care of shakes I did something in 2004 I rigged a vedio camera in the family room  a what i saw in the morning was not pretty. the thrashing the flalling  . On top of all this I have a Kneethat needs replacing the ortho guysall 4 ofthem won't tuch me, the fear is the rehab with my PD


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