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HIV 9 yrs
Mental Symptoms : severe
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VL 40k


Male, 27 years
San Diego, CA

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About danyboi90

Hello, my name is Danys (pronounced Danny), I know kind of odd of how you spell it. I'm 18 years old. Born and Raised in San Diego, California. Born to a family of 12 kids, me being the 3rd youngest. I've been was diagnosed with HIV on December 11, 2007. I will not forget that day when my doctor told me I was positive. I was infected around November of 2006, since that was my last encounter before my STD check up. I could remember me telling my mother, that I was HIV positive... The look of her eyes, showed something inside of her died. Her crying in her bedroom, crying out.. "Not my baby, god, not my baby." Her holding me, tell me that she still loves me


 I would say, I'm a victim to a dishonest person. Whom which is still on the streets infecting more people, after I repeatedly reported him to the authorizes. Where is Justice?


I usually don't go on here much, but you can reach me on my MySpace. www.myspace.com/thatonekiddo  


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