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Sex: M
Data Quality: 0 stars
PD: 12 yrs
Hoehn-Yahr 2 Type: parkinsonism (unknown cause)
Mouth/throat: none
Arms: none
Chest: none
Legs: none


Male, 53 years
Macon, MO

Primary condition
Parkinsonism (unknown cause)
First symptom
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About Leveq

Hi. I was born in Rockford, IL and am now settled in northern Missouri. I've always had a great appreciation for the beauty of nature and enjoy the outdoors. Other interests are yoga, alternative medicine, movies, music, books, and politics. My diagnosis of YOPD two years ago frankly shocked me; prior to experiencing my first mild symptom (a slight hand tremor) I'd always enjoyed robust health. At first, I dismissed the tremor as simply due to stress and fatigue, as at the time I was working long hours at a high-pressure job. Now, I remain determined not to let this disease get me down.


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