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Sex: M
Data Quality: 0 stars
MS: 30 yrs
Type: secondary progressive
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Moderate
Cognition: moderate
Vision: severe
Speech: moderate
Swallowing: moderate
Upper limb: moderate
Walking: moderate


Male, 48 years
Las Vegas, United States

Primary condition
Secondary progressive
First symptom
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About imtrtlman

My profile picture is of me and my wife Hilary and 2 of our 3 dogs, unfortunately the black and white one, Cassie had to be down at 5-1/2 years old, March 8th was 1 year, I miss her so, even though we got another puppy the same day because our other puppy in the picture Latka needed a playmate, our other dog is 15-16 years old. Well about me, today is March 12th 2011 and I have been married 13+ years, Oct 26, 1997. I love my wife more than I love llife. I got sick in Oct 2010 and diagnosied Nov 2010, i can trace sympotoms back to when I was a teenager. my wife and my dogs are how I get thru.

My syptoms started with hand tingling and it moved pretty quick to where my arms and hands didn't work, I could grab a pen or even the steering wheel. It was extremely scary. I went thru the standard barage of testing and was diagnosed pretty quickly. (thanks to my dearly departed mother inlaw, she really pushed things thru). I now average a relapse every 3-4 months. I can no longer tolerate steroids of any kind, so when I finaly man up I will try Athacar, or something like that. Thankfully I am starting with a new neuro in April 2011, my old one up and quit the practice, I found a month later. Just another case of POLITICS and MONEY BEFRORE PATIENTS. How many of you have run into a doctor that is to scared of MS that don't want to treat you. Now I try to only go to doctors that have experienced MS in their personal life, they tend to understand alot more. Ok I am getting mad. I need to go. Time to take a valium. I HATE TAKING PILLS AND DRUGS, but oddly enough I would rather smoke a little marijuana then take the methadone, baclofen, tizanidine, depakote, seroquel, remerom, and the rest of the chemicals, all in the name of functioning and quality of life, I sleep 90% of the time, I avoid life as much as possible because I can't seem to cope anymore. I am drugged out of my mind so I don't loose my head, frickin irony. I was a teenage drug addict acid head, I grow up, put all that behind me, get sober, get a great job, making an excellent living, and bam, right as I was on top of the world, knocked right off my feet. I am so mad right now, who, what do I blame? Did I bring this on myself or did I loose the gentic geographic lottery? or was I such a horrible teenager that I reaped what I sowed? Better people than me can't give me an a straight answer, I have kind certainly definitely have lost faith, hope or what ever you want to call it. Sorry, free though typing after a long night of feeling like shit.

Listen anyone that needs a friend to talk too, please contact me, you can find me on facebook Ian moskowitz, or imtrtlman@aol.com


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