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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 58y
Condition: inclusion body myositis 3 additional condition(s)
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Female, 58 years
Edwardsville , IL

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Inclusion body myositis and 3 more
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About Lynndy

I am a nurse who has always been interested in health and how good nutrition and regular exercise play a role prevention of disease. My thoughts have been challenged a bit since I never imagined I would develop a strange muscle disease. I am realizing there are things in life we cannot control because our bodies are affected by a fallen world and at times very vulnerable to our environment. I treasure this body and am thankful to the Lord for the help I have recieved from all of my doctors, therapists, nurses and the MDA staff.

I was experiencing a lot of fatigue . I also found I could not get up from a squatting position without pushing my hands against the floor or pulling up with my hands.

I mentioned this to my good primary MD in March of 2009. She took it seriously after checking me out she ordered an MRI of my back. I was also having neck pain especially at night which kept me from sleeping well. The MRI was negative.In August I was in the 
Neurologist office. I mentioned to him that it might be due to depression since I was a little
overwhelmed with responsibilities at that time. After asking questions and checking my strength he sent me to the EMG clinic across the hall. The neurologist ordered a muscle biopsy 
which was done in August. The first diagnosis given me was a possible Polymyositis. It was
 not clear cut that the diagnosis was final. I decided to go through high dose intermittent
IV solumedrol treatments in July of 2010. I prepared myself first in months prior by going
on an antinflammatory diet laid out in a book called Coping With Prednisone. I was also 
prescribed a whole array of supplements by my primary MD based on a urinary Organix test.
My symptoms of fatigue started to diminish especially after each meal. My neck pain had also improved. I was quite nervous about receiving the high dose prednisone. I just prayed with each infusion. If anyone asks me,I can honestly say I came through that experience with a little more energy but no return of my muscle strength or muscles in my quadricepts.It truly
was not difficult to tolerate. The length of treatment was 3 months.
   IBM was now my diagnosis with a mitochondrial component. I have been searching the Internet a lot lately to understand the function of the cells and possible causes of dysfunction.
Lately I have been experiencing more fatigue again mostly after eating. I have maintained
My overall muscle strength these last 3 years. I do have more weakness in the left thigh
Then the right and I do wear a brace on the left knee to support the alignment of the patella.


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