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  • Age: 73y
Condition: Osteoarthritis 12 additional condition(s)
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Male, 73 years
Renfrew Ontario, ON

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Osteoarthritis and 12 more
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Faith, Parenting and 3 more
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About tiesack

Since 1989 I started to have hernia troubles.Mylast bout with hernias was in 1998. After effects of those have lingered on sins then.I had to retire in 2002 becauser of my health.I became slightly disabled which progressed to this day. t will continue until the end.I was having trouble walking all that time.I am now in a long term care nursing home because I am unable to walk even with a walker.I get around in a manual wheelchair.I am trying to raise enough money to pay my share of a power wheelchair.Ontario Government will pay 75 %. Ineed to find the remaining 25%.

I wonder what is around the next corner of my life.

I now have a power wheelchair.   great it is .This power wheelchair gives me a little more freedom and independence


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