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PD: 16 yrs
Hoehn-Yahr 4 Type: parkinsonism (unknown cause)
Mouth/throat: mild
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Chest: mild
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Female, 66 years
Chardon, OH

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Parkinsonism (unknown cause)
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About medicalmystery

Well, here is the latest update on my condition! The dyskenisia is pretty well advanced. I must continue to move or the pain sets in both legs and left ankle.

On Mother's Day, I turned 57 yrs old and my health took a turn to a surprising new problem.
I have been diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure)!  I ended up in the hospital for a
couple of days.  I had a cardiac catherization on Thurs. morning.  Later that same day I was
told it was OK.  I was sent home that evening about 6:30.  On Friday morning, I was fine until about 9:00a.m.  I noticed some visual disturbance in my right eye.  Then the worst
headache I have ever had started along with intense pressure behind my left eye.  It felt
like my eyeball was going to pop out!  Shortness of breath and cold sweats followed.  I was
911'd to the hospital with towels over my eyes to keep the light out.  Diagnosis..migraine
with minute TIA.  Luckily, no brain damage!


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