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Gender: F
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Pain: Some
Fatigue: Some
Sleep: Most
Stiffness: Most
function: Most
external_stress: Some
Stickman: most
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Female, 49 years
WI, United States

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About Lakotawoman

I am a single mother of 3 and grandmother of 3 in a LTR with my love Frank. I used to be very energetic and went dancing every weekend. I was out going and on the go. I worked full time. Now my energy level tanked. We hardly go out or do anything. Lost my job. We are trying to live life the best we can with this damn illness and at times I defy it and do what I shouldn't. I certainly pay for it later but that is okay too. Can't let it win all the time.

I am usually a very laid back person unless I get riled about something. I live an interesting life and lifestyle. Reading is a passion of mine when I am not hurting too much or fibro fog is in effect. I do like to crochet and sew but usually my hands and wrists can't take the repetative movement. Movies and the computer are also hobbies of mine when I can do them.

I suffer daily from several medical conditions including Fibro, Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, athsma, Chronic and severe migraines, headaches, joint pain and many other icky things. I take one day at a time and sometimes one hour or one minute at a time when the pain is the worst.

I am into alternative and companion therapies to western medicine. I have no job and no insurance so trying alternative and herbal methods to deal with my pain gives me hope.


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