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  • Gender: F
  • Age: 53y
  • Duration: 26 yrs
Quality of life:
  • Mental: Mild
  • Physical: Moderate
6 seizures
236 weeks ago


Female, 53 years
Jacksonville, NC

Primary condition
Epilepsy and 19 more
First seizure
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About jccarolina

I'm a 48 year old wife, mom and new gran-mom of 2 sons with new baby boy's of their own now. My oldest, a Marine @ 28, has a 1 mo. old, and my 26 year old has a 7 month old son.I've been married for 30 years and going, and finally back home in the south where we belong.. I still love to para surf, and compete with the Wounded Warriors 10K's. I also try to run a small business out of my home making custom bridal & formal gowns, along with alterations, and other sewing projects. I love cats also. I have 9, 3 are service cats. Annabell and Bear can detect my seizures and Red is my night alarm.

To make it short in a blunt way, I went from a happy, wired up, non-stop go getter. Working a full time job & attending nursing school at night just short of doing my clinical's, to spending the remainder of my life as a shaky paraplegic and 4 wheels stuck to my butt.

Life's been interesting though, but I think I've done more now than I did ambulatory. I still boogie board. It's just called para-surfing now. Still drive my car, with hand controls, The parking is great (most-times), it's kewl to hop curbs, but up and down stairs really stinks. I am also undergoing testing for MS.

I'm not able to work so I run a small business from my home making Custom Bridal & Formal gowns plus alterations. If you would like to see some of my work visit; www.jccarolinaformals.com  Cool


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