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donut girl
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Age: 31y
Gender: F
Condition: Psoriasis
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donut girl

Female, 31 years

Primary condition
Psoriasis and 1 more
Dec 1991
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About donut girl

ima memphis girl, born & raised. i love the city, but i'm begining to appreciate more of the country side also. i love the outdoors, biking, hiking, water, sunshine, photography & animals-especially dogs. if ya want to know anything else just ask...

i was diagnosed with Psoriasis when i was about 6...it started in just a few small places such as behind my knees & on my elbows. As i got older it began to get worse. By the time i hit 19 i realized winters are hell on earth for me. My Psoriasis quickly takes over my life & makes winter the longest most painful season of the year. It easily takes up 60% of my body, covering my scalp, back, stomach & ears. With patches on my arms, face, hands & legs...making it impossible to shave & a nightmare having to deal with the public on a daily basis. When at its worst, I have to take time off work to try to get it back under control. No one wants to be served donuts by someone with shit all over there hands & a constant flake of dead skin. Embarrassing??? Most Definatly. It messes with my ability to move freely without a pain from my skin not being able to do the simple thing such as stretching & most of all my confidence. I feel like a monster at times.


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