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Sex: F
Data Quality: 3 stars
ALS: 2 yrs
Bi-Pap Feeding tube
Bulbar: severe
Arms: mild
Chest: mild
Legs: mild


Female, 59 years
Salty Lake City, UT

Primary condition
First symptom
Jun 4, 2012
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About melapeno

Well, I have two Children, a son and a daughter. I also have five grandchildren. I worked in the drycleaning industry for over 35 years. Then when I got laid off I decided to go back to school. So I got my associates degree in Medical Billing and Coding. Graduated in April of this year. I was going to go to earn my bachelors degree, but after I got my diagnosis in Jan., I couldn't speak very well so I decided to give up on school. I used to live in the southestern portion of Utah, but my doctors wanted me to move closer to medical help. It was over 100 miles to the closest hospital. Here I am.

In april of 2010, I got a tooth pulled out that had been abcessed for about two years. When it healed up I noticed my speech was a little different. So I went to the doctor, and dentist to see what the problem was.Then they sent me for an MRI. Also sceduled me for more tests. They had me thinking it was all sorts of things. Finally in Jan of 2011, I saw a neurologist and he gave me the news. ALS. I had never heard of it before. I went home and got on the internet and found more information than I thought possible. Now I am in my own apartment again,trying to keep busy doing whatever I can. I still walk, ride my excerise bike, and watch the grand children. The only problem I have right now is being understood. My speech gets worse as the days go by.


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