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Sex: M
Data Quality: 2 stars
ALS: 15 yrs
Ventilator Wheelchair Feeding tube
Bulbar: severe
Arms: severe
Chest: severe
Legs: moderate


Male, 54 years
Forest City , NC

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ALS and 6 more
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About swhite.geo

I'm a "Carolina boy", back home after medical retirement from the Air Force in Jan. 2003, 21 yrs. First diagnosed July '02 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC. Second and third opinions at German hospitals confirmed ALS. Limb-onset, right hand. We have 5 dogs and to cats, love our furbabies.

USAF enlisted, mainly worked with munitions, but also as a squadron production supervisor with plenty of flightline time. Supposed "safe-level" exposure to some solvents, asbestos and depleted uranium. Also worked the MOCC, or maintenance operations control center. Have lived in NC, SC, FL, Germany, and Turkey. My computer is my window to the world so I tend to get pretty upset when problems arise. Christian, with room for improvement. Optimistic, enjoy the simple miracles of every day life! Guilty pleasures aplenty, Mississippi Mud Cake or almost any fresh-baked dessert my weakness!

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Military Service

Status: I previously served
Branch: Air Force
Rank: E-7 - MSgt
Occupation/rating: 2W0X1: Munitions Systems


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