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Sex: M
Data Quality: 1 star
ALS: 7 yrs
Bulbar: moderate
Arms: moderate
Chest: mild
Legs: moderate


Male, 52 years
Minneapolis, MN

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About dta612

I've recently returned from Zhongfang, China at Dr. Ming's International Red Cross Hospital where I received daily acupuncture, herb and medical massage treatments. I have returned to Minneapolis, MN with the information from treatments and am working with my TCM doctors here at home. You can follow my journey @ www.davidtanderson.com

Potential contributors of ALS:

I've tested positive for Lyme disease based on the Igenix band test (band 41 positive), however standard western blot and ELISA CSF tests are negative.

I've had asthma since 1996 using OTC meds (epinephrine), until formally diagnosed in 2006 at which point I was prescribed Advair 150/50 and Albuterol. My first symptoms came on shortly after being put on Albuterol, Advair 250/50 and Singulair in fall of 2009.

I'm a Vet, was in the Army from 1986 to 1991. However, I was not deployed to the middle east.

I was regularly exposed to industrial strength cleaning chemicals while growing up.

Genetic potential: My father has Tri-geminal-neuralgia, my mother had a hyper-active thyroid (removed), grandfather on my father's side died of melanoma, grandmother on my father's side died of Leukemia after being exposed to radiation.


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