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Fatigue: Little
Sleep: All
Stiffness: Little
function: Some
external_stress: Most
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Male, 54 years
Poulsbo, WA

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I've worked in computer field since 1980 designing global networks. I'm the last of 6 kids, but have a twin who has similar symptoms but not diagnosed. Most have sleep disorders, sister with MS. I don't know what caused the FMS, but I was hit by 2 cars walking to work in 1983 and have had back pain ever since. Had serious Repetitive Strain Injury in 1994, but with 2 months off and new ergo keyboard recovered. In 2006 rt side spasms and full body pain (MRI/Ultrasound/xrays) found no cause. 6/2010 diagnosed with FMS and was lucky that first medicine worked to eliminate pain, but didn't help RSI.

I took Cyclobenzaprine 20mg from 2006-2009, along with Oxycodone, Nortriptyline, Sulindac before I was diagnosed with FMS. But didn't seem to help any at least with the back pain, I didn't know at that time the difference between FMS (joint stiffness/pain) and my back pain.

I just (2/2011) found my Vitamin D tested at 13 which is very low so started 5,000 iu a day. Had xrays done for chiropractor and my spine is twisted, which is probably the source of the FMS as it's been that way since 1983 and has been a constant pain. We increased the Concerta to 27mg to provide more focus, but very happy with the results so far as it's greatly decreased my ADHD symptoms. Still struggling with insomnia.


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