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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 43y
Condition: Femoral Nerve Injury 6 additional condition(s)
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  • Mental: Moderate
  • Physical: Moderate
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Female, 43 years
wakefield, england

Primary condition
Femoral Nerve Injury and 6 more
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About dawnmycoe1972

hi am dawn,i suffer from a femoral nerve block to my left leg,through a routine pain injection going wrong,which as now left me disabled.i also suffer from depression n anxiety attacks, but we after carry on this life is set to try us,i have my gd days n bad days,i try to be happy but its very hard wen yer got so many symtoms,am currently doing the slimming world diet n its going well.iam married to andy hes my rock .

well ive recently been tld by my consultant,that my leg will never recover due to the injection he gave me ive got loads of different symtoms going on, am in loads of extreme pain dunt no if i can keep carrying on as people think am a happy go lucky girl but inside am a mess . i just need to see if theres any 1 else out there thats gone through something like myself.ive recently been tld ma bladder wont wrk anymore,so after selfcathterise myself upto 8 times a day.




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