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  • Gender: M
  • Age: 63y
  • Duration: 56 yrs
Quality of life:
  • Mental: Unreported
  • Physical: Unreported
Surgery type: Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)
13 seizures
363 weeks ago


Male, 63 years
Commerce, TX

Primary condition
Epilepsy and 3 more
First seizure
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About j84j1

I am 56 years of age. I've had epilepsy since the age of 6. I've had and do have a variety of type of seizures. I may have some "aura's, focal motor, sensory, partial, complex-partial, & secondary complex-partial seizures. Over the years I have had what I refer to as "drop attacks," when I lose all corordination of my limbs. After that I am in a paralyzed state unable to move for a fw moments. Within the past few years my seizure activity has been mainly at night time when I am trying to relax. In 1996 I had the Vagus Nerve Stimulator implant.

Since the implant, I have seen a tremendous amout of reduction in my seizure activity.

At the present, with my current AED's and my VNS,  I'm able to function with little

seizure activity.


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