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Ashley's mom
Sex: F
Data Quality: 1 star
MS: 24 yrs
Type: Relapsing-Remitting
Sensation: None
Overall: None
Cognition: moderate
Vision: none
Speech: none
Swallowing: none
Upper limb: none
Walking: mild

Ashley's mom

Female, 46 years
Canton lake area, OK

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About Ashley's mom

I've been an RN for 13yrs but am unable to work as an RN at this time. My disease process effects my thought processes & memory. My husband gets very frustrated but I can't help it! This is the hardest symptom for me to accept. I come from a family where education is very valued. It's ironic, my mother use to tell me to "get an education because that's something no one can take away from you." MS has taken what no person could take from me! Now, I've opened a small clothing store in a nearby small town that previously had nowhere to purchase clothing. That's been a pleasure.


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