Advancing discovery in ALS

PatientsLikeMe, in partnership with Denali Pharmaceuticals, is conducting a pilot study to evaluate the biological signature of ALS and to support the development of a potential new treatment for neurodegeneration.

This study is different than others you may have read about or participated in. It’s focused on comparing ALS to other conditions, not just controls. And it will use new approaches to connect biomarkers in your blood with your experience with disease, potentially revealing more about how diseases develop in the body.

10,000+ ALS patients have joined our free website to share their health data and track their progress. Now they’re poised to collaborate on a new journey of discovery. Join us and together we'll help unlock new answers in our understanding of ALS. Because the more we know, the more we can do to fight it.

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"What is this disease I have? What are the treatment options? How will I know if they work? These are fundamental questions that everyone facing an unanswerable disease asks. Join us to help find the answers."

Jamie Heywood
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"No other site or forum compares to PatientsLikeMe. Share your story, what treatments have worked or not, ask tough questions and get real answers from people living with the same illness."

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Here’s what to do:

  1. Join PatientsLikeMe (It’s free)
  2. Review the study materials and see if you’re eligible by taking a brief survey
  3. Work with us to schedule a blood draw appointment
  4. Keep your PatientsLikeMe profile up to date so we can see what’s changing over time
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Founded by Family

When Stephen Heywood was diagnosed with ALS, his brothers Ben and Jamie thought there has to be a better way. There is. Out of their experiences came PatientsLikeMe.

Empowered by Data

Each time someone shares their experience, they're helping the next person diagnosed learn what could really work for them, and helping researchers shorten the path to new treatments. We call it data for good.

Partners in Research

Denali was founded by scientists, drug developers and investors who share the vision that recent scientific insights in genetics, biology and translational medicine offer an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop effective medicines for patients suffering from neurodegenerative disease.