Institutional Investors


An invaluable part of PatientsLikeMe's success, CommerceNet provided the seed capital, guidance, additional management experience, and key connections to help kick start PatientsLikeMe. CommerceNet's innovative model combines the best elements of a research lab, startup incubator and public interest initiative. Its mission is to make the world a better place by fulfilling the promise of the Internet and ecommerce. CommerceNet's Founder and Chairman, Dr. Jay 'Marty' Tenenbaum, is personally involved with PatientsLikeMe as a board member and advisor.


Founded in October 2015, iCarbonX aims to build an Internet-based ecosystem of digital life based on artificial intelligence and a combination of an individual’s biological, behavioral and psychological data. The founding team includes the world’s top biotechnology experts, who have a wealth of experience in omics technology, mobile medical, medical service, biological data analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining. With a rapidly growing global foundation and in cooperation with the world’s leading partners, iCarbonX is devoted to interpreting, studying, guiding and managing the digital life, and providing personalized products and services for people to lead a healthier new life.

Invus, LP

Invus is a New York-based investment firm with over $4B of capital in an evergreen structure. Over its 24-year history, Invus has guided more than 80 portfolio companies in a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, consumer services, specialty retailing, software, telecommunications, medical devices, and biotechnology.

Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network is a mission-based investment group committed to fostering individual self-empowerment on a global scale. Established in 2004 by Pierre and Pam Omidyar, the Network derives its focus and values from Pierre's experience as founder of eBay.

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