Patients taking Oxycodone-Acetaminophen

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Table of patients and their summary data

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    Sex: F
    Data Quality: 0 stars
    Pain: Some
    Fatigue: Most
    Sleep: All
    Stiffness: All
    function: Some
    external_stress: Little
    Stickman: all
    FM:6y Dx
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    Sex: M
    Data Quality: 2 stars
    MS: 12 yrs
    Type: Relapsing-Remitting
    Sensation: Moderate
    Overall: Moderate
    Cognition: moderate
    Vision: moderate
    Speech: moderate
    Swallowing: moderate
    Upper limb: moderate
    Walking: moderate
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    Alternative Medicine, Faith, Parenting, Relationships, and Working with my Condition
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    Sex: F
    Data Quality: 1 star
    Pain: All
    Fatigue: All
    Sleep: All
    Stiffness: All
    function: None
    external_stress: Most
    Stickman: all
    FM:35y Dx
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  • Updated
    Data Quality: 0 stars
    • Sex: Male
    • Age: 43y
    Condition: 2 additional condition(s)
    Quality of Life:
    • Mental: Unreported
    • Physical: Unreported
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