Patients who have stopped taking Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

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Table of patients and their summary data

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    Sex: F
    Data Quality: 3 stars
    ALS: 7 yrs
    Bulbar: mild
    Arms: none
    Chest: none
    Legs: moderate
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    Advocacy, Alternative Medicine, and Research
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    Sex: F
    Data Quality: 0 stars
    MS: 8 yrs
    Type: Relapsing-Remitting
    Sensation: Moderate
    Overall: Mild
    Cognition: moderate
    Vision: mild
    Speech: mild
    Swallowing: mild
    Upper limb: none
    Walking: mild
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    Sex: F
    Data Quality: 1 star
    Pain: Little
    Fatigue: Most
    Sleep: Most
    Stiffness: Most
    function: Little
    external_stress: Some
    Stickman: most
    FM:6y Dx
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