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Big Baz
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  • Age: 69y
Condition: Bronchitis
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Big Baz

Male, 69 years
VIC, Australia

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As allways the cause of neuropathic pain is imposible to find, however mine started as I came out of a long opperation on my left leg, I complained of pain in my left foot, not a lot of notice was taken when in hosp even though I constantly told everone about it. The pain was as sever as gout, I have had attacks in my right foot. It was not untill I was home, and my own doc tried to get me of the heavy medication I was on prior to, and during my hosp stay. It was heaven sent that I had one very swiched on Medico, he believed me about the pain. Have UPDATE 17 Nov

Update 8Th Oct. Still looking for anyone with same problem.Re-: change in Gabapentin dosage, due to having difficulties obtaining the gabapentin without cost I am going to try and get of it, Im going to reduce the dosage by one, unless the pain increases then who knows?. UPDATE 17 Nov Pain increased so gone back to full dose. 


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