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Sex: M
Data Quality: 2 stars
ALS: 18 yrs
Bi-Pap Wheelchair Feeding tube
Bulbar: mild
Arms: moderate
Chest: mild
Legs: moderate


Male, 66 years
Chico, CA

Primary condition
ALS and 2 more
First symptom
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About TipaCow

My Emergency Contact (in case I'm deemed missing) is PLM Member X OUT ALS. This member has email addresses and phone numbers for people close to me.

Try Faith Talk Web Radio if you'd like.. I do.

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Updated July 2013

Harvest Ministies with Greg Laurie -
Courageous - Christian Movie about honor and the importance of fatherhood. Four men, one calling. - 2011

To Save A Life - A Christian Film. When his childhood friend's life ends in tragedy. - 2009
Soul Surfer - Christian Film about the power of faith and giving. - 2011
Fireproof - Christian Movie about the importance of God in a marriage. - 2008

Billy Graham - God's Ambassador - part 1
Billy Graham - God's Ambassador - part 2

God of Wonders

Louie Giglio: How Great Is Our God

1975 - The story of Corrie Ten Boom
How To Forgive By Corrie Ten Boom
Jesus of Nazareth Part 1  Part 2 - Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey, Laurence Olivier 1977

Left Behind 1 - Kirk Cameron - 2000
Left Behind 2 - Tribulation Force - Kirk Cameron - 2000
Left Behind 3 - World At War - Kirk Cameron, Lou Gosset Jr. - 2005

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Other conditions

  1. Bronchitis
    First symptom
    Stopped Reason
    I was misdiagnosed. It was actually ALS.
  2. Psoriasis